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Métis Music and Dance

Métis jigging is a syncretic style of dance that combines the rhythm and footwork of First Nations pow wow dancing with European step dancing. It is a lively and fast-paced dance guided by the sound of the fiddle. The Métis of Canada are guardians of a fiddle and dance style that developed in the early days of contact between European and First Nations people. Join us as we share music, dances and stories of the Métis that make connections with Scottish heritage.

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Highland DanceHighland Dance Competition

As in most cultures, dance has deep roots in Scottish history.

Competitors from Canada, the U.S. and often Scotland help make this one of the larger Highland dance programs in Ontario. Dances include the Highland Fling, Sword Dance, Irish Jig, Hornpipe, Seann Truibhas, and Pas de Basques.

Anyone interested in entering can register here.





Pipe BandsHG-3

Since ancient times, the bagpipes have been a rallying force for Scots in war and peace.

The pipes remain a focal point for Scottish gatherings and are well represented at the Embro games through solo piping and drumming, as well as band competitions. (Don’t miss the stirring spectacle of all bands playing as one during the Massed Band performances at mid-day and at Games closing.)

There will be Solo Piping and Drumming competitions beginning at 8:30 and continuing throughout the morning. Band Competitions for Grades 3 to 5 begin at 1 pm and run for the afternoon. Don’t miss the stirring spectacle of all bands playing as one during the Massed Band performances at 12:30 and 4:30! 

 Contact the Pipers and Pipe band Society of Ontario ( to register for competition in our Games. For other information regarding the PIpebands and Solo Competitions please email



Heavy EventsHG-12

Heavy athletic events have been part of Scottish gatherings since the 11th century and were originally a means for ancient Highland chieftains to select and train soldiers.

Events including the stone put (toss), weight for distance, hammer throw, caber toss and weight over bar. Contestants are invited based on rankings compiled by the Canadian Scottish Athletic Federation.

Ontario Heavy Events Championships




Road Race

Runners from across Southwestern Ontario take part in the annual 10 km race which leaves the grounds at 9:00 am. The route extends north and circles back returning to the site of the Embro Zorra Community Centre.

A 5 km race, as well as a 2 km race for students in grade 8 or under, run concurrently with the 10 km event.

For detailed information regarding registration, see Road Race competitors section.

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Sheep Herding

The tough, smart border collie has played a vital and historic role in the Scottish sheep industry.  Several demonstrations of their amazing herding ability are offered.


A local agility club will showcase all-breed agility events over courses involving tunnels, jumps, weave poles and other challenges.  Kids will enjoy the interactive format offered by the club.

Scottish Dogs on Parade

NEW to the Games in 2017, Scottish Dogs on Parade was the brainchild of Philip Kerr.  He does a great job of organizing the different breeds of Scottish dogs which parade around with their owners in tow, while educational facts are given about the breed, the dog and sometimes the owner!”